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The arcin (arcade input) is a PCB designed by zyp to be a drop-in replacement for DJ Dao / gamo2 IIDX controllers (namely, the FPS, FP7, PEE, and RES).


  • 11 button inputs, with LED control for each button
  • 2 quadrature encoder OR potentiometer inputs
  • 2 generic LED outputs
  • PS2 support
  • 1 ws2812b strip support (requires using 1 button input, lowering available buttons to 10)


The arcin v1.1.1 features JST XH connectors on all buttons and encoder / potentiometer inputs and a micro USB connector for data and power. PS2 support is available with additional soldering to breakout pins.


What is the cost and where does it ship from?

As of 2021, the arcin is priced at $50 and ships from Europe. This price includes shipping.

Is this compatible with the Phoenixwan?

Yes, but it is not a drop-in replacement. The encoder cables are different and there is no support for the turntable RGB LEDs or center RGB LEDs.



Official Firmware Repo:

Minsang's Updated IIDX Fork (highly recommended for IIDX players):

VeroxZik's Roxy Fork (supports arcin and Roxy boards):