Beatmania IIDX

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Beatmania IIDX is an arcade rhythm game made by Konami, which uses 7 keys, 1 turntable and 2-4 menu keys for single player mode. And 14 keys, 2 turntables and 4 menu keys for "doubles" mode.


They all share the same type of Buttons:

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Raspberry Pi Pico


Common Models

There are many popular sizes for IIDX controllers, the main ones being arcade-style, KOC and FPS.


Arcade-style IIDX controllers, as the name implies, use the same measurements as the arcade cabinet and try to imitate its design. You can find its dimensions here.


Konami Original Controllers, or KOC for short, are the standard controllers used in PS2 versions of the game, they are much more portable, feature a shorter turntable-to-button distance, a smaller turntable and many cost-cuts, such as rubberdome switches and lower quality plastic. They are the most popular solution since they are the cheapest and can be found used easily. Recently, they were re-released for Beatmania IIDX Ultimate Mobile and Beatmania IIDX Infinitas, this time featuring bluetooth and USB connectivity.


The FPS style controllers are based on DJDao's FPS controller design. They are a compromise between portability and arcade-like distances. They feature a #KOC-sized turntable, and a switchable turntable-to-button distance with 2 modes, arcade-style distance and KOC distance.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many controller sizes! Which one should I choose?

Generally, it is always recommended to choose the arcade-style size, since it's how the game was meant to be played and lets you transition seamlessly between arcade play and home play. However, if you need a space saving controller, an FPS sized controller with arcade turnatble-to-button distance might be the best choice. Avoid using KOC sized controllers if you ever plan on playing on arcade, since it might make you develop bad habits.

How can I use a custom controller for Infinitas/Ultimate mobile?

If your controller uses an Arduino Leonardo or Micro (or clone), you can utilize this library to spoof an official controller.