Dao Tasoller

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Tasoller is a touch slider controller made by DJ-DAO. It has 32 touch sensors, detachable 6 IR gesture sensors and RGB LEDs which are basically follows Chunithm AC Controller.

Offical product page

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this controller works out of the box?

Yes. By default it acts like normal keyboard. Refer product page for key map.

What is the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 FW?

In fw 1.0, tasoller sensed a touch input as binary (on or off) but this led some chattering and sensitivity issue. So later changed this behavior to sense touch input as 0-255, so it can be more accurate to the input.

Can I upgrade to FW 2.0?

You can. But unfortunately it's not a easy task like just plug in and press the button. Task involves disassemble of tasoller and dealing with additional hardware something called "USB to UART TTL". See this official guide

Should I upgrade to FW 2.0? Is there any huge difference?

If you are experiencing some trouble during play, it might worth to try. If not, you don't need to.

I have 2.0 FW installed tasoller. Can I downgrade to 1.0?

In short, no. It requires 1.0 version FW for touch board which is not available.

What is the difference between offical firmware and HID firmware (a.k.a "Custom firmware")?

  • Official firmware is a default firmware which works like keyboard when you interact with. It does change the light when you press or move but that's all.
  • HID firmware is aftermarket firmware which has software adjustable light support and only works with supported software and games.

Which version of HID firmware shoud I use?

There are two version of HID firmware. Use 1.0 HID firmware if your current official version is 1.0. Same applies to 2.0. If you are not sure which version is, just flash one. If it doesn't work, flash the other one.

Can I switch back to official firmware after flashing HID firmware?

Yes. Just flash official firmware back.



Is there any available docs for tinker with HID stuff?

This document will be helpful.

I'm using HID firmware but I need keyboard output

Use Slidershim.

My system is AMD (Ryzen) and HID firmware doesn't work!

It's known issue. There is no one solution for this so you can try:

  • Update bios firmware to latest
  • Change bios setting
  • Install external USB board