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Welcome to the Rhythm Cons Wiki!

This is just a short message from the admin. It may not represent the views of all our contributors, but I would like to consider it our founding message.

This wiki is not necessarily meant to represent the singular 'best' way to do anything. It is meant as guidance and as inspiration.

In my mind, rhythm cons are a wonderful intersection of engineering and art. They're product of many hours of designing, construction, and tinkering to get what you want. It is a celebration of creation that our wandering minds love to make.

Engineering is a collection of best practices, known working techniques, and, of course, the ever important physical measurements that make our cons arcade accurate. However, there is always room for creativity and room for innovation. Take what is here and build upon it; make it your own. And do contribute if it works out! Even if it doesn't, I encourage you to contribute to our Lessons Learned page.

Art is about freedom and representation. The design you chose, any decals, stickers, or prints, and even the colors of the buttons mean something to you, the creator. There is no right way to create something that is important to you, and I encourage everyone to try something new or unique.

But you may think, that's all rather flowery. I just want a box with buttons. We can help with that too :)