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IST MALL is a popular Korean store for many controller components. They ship worldwide.
Stocked items include:

  • Buttons from Sanwa and Samducksa. They also carry IST MALL branded Chinese buttons.
  • Springs (20g, 60g, 100g, 200g) that are IST MALL branded. Link Here.
  • Microswitches from Omron and Gersung.

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SANWA DENSHI is a company that makes stock arcade parts for official cabs. Quality is excellent, but these parts will be very expensive compared to other options.

Tops Game

Tops is a Japan based store that sells a wide variety of arcade parts, including Sanwa parts.


YubiParts is a US-based seller and distributor. Parts include jubeat replacement parts, SDVX replacement parts, and Zhousensor controllers.

See the YubiParts page for more information.

Speedy Labs

Speedy Labs is a US-based seller, specializing in SDVX minicons and SDVX knobs.

Blue Spring Express

Blue Spring Express is an Australian-based seller based out in Sydney that sells Omron switches and Sanwa parts for IIDX and SDVX.


Aliexpress is a shopping site for Chinese sellers, equivalent to Amazon or eBay. Prices will be cheap and shipping can range from 3-6 weeks depending on the seller. Quality can vary, and it can be a gamble to pick the cheapest seller. Look for stores and listings with good reviews.


Rhythm.Market is a forum to buy/sell/trade anything related to rhythm games. A great place to buy or sell any used controllers, parts, or cabinets.