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Sound Voltex (SDVX) is an arcade rhythm game made by Konami, which uses 7 buttons and 2 knobs as a controller.

Code Repos


KnucklesLee (No RGB):

KnucklesLee (Common-Anode / Common-Cathode RGB):



CrazyRedMachine (ws2812 RGB Strip):

Raspberry Pi Pico


Sound Voltex Controllers

Sound Voltex controllers come in a variety of makes and sizes. They can be mostly categorized as Arcade-Style and Minicon, with the majority of these controllers being powered by an Arduino Leonardo (or equivalent e.g. Pro Micro) or Teensy.

Are there guides?


A simple laser-cut guide:

A simple laser-cut MDF guide:

A relatively dated guide from Cons & Stuff:

There is also some good information on this website:


There are many minicon options available for SDVX.

mon's Pocket Voltex has files available publicly online, available here: . The Google Chrome controller configurator might be deprecated - attempt at your own risk.

Cammy's Pocket VTX has firmware available publicly online, available here: . You'll need to search for the .STL in the Cons & Stuff discord channel. Documentation is limited, but the controller is otherwise functional.

SpeedyPotato's Pocket SDVX has a guide and files available publicly online, available here: . I am biased because this is my(SpeedyPotato) project. Build it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the official Konami NEMSYS Controller?

You should not. The entry model is all plastic with rubber dome switches instead of proper arcade switches. The ultimate model is significantly overpriced. Third party controllers are cheaper and higher quality.

How can I use a custom controller on SDVX EAC?

If your controller uses an Arduino Leonardo or Micro (or clone), you can utilize this library to spoof an official controller.

How do I set up SDVX EAC?

See this guide:

What switch / spring setup should I use?

This will depend on your preference. As of the Valkyrie cabinets, arcade stock is roughly 100g switch / 20g spring, but 100g switch / 40g spring is a common setup for home. Some players may prefer the feel of 50g switch / 60g spring.

Do I need Sanwa brand buttons?

You do not. You can play, enjoy, and score well using generic Chinese buttons. However, please note that Chinese buttons tend to have extremely heavy switches and springs, roughly 200g each. For best play, it is suggested that you replace them.

What kind of sensors do I use for the knobs?

The most common type of sensor used is an incremental encoder.

Option 1

The Copal RES20D-50-201-1 is a common incremental encoder, used on the Dao SVRE5, Virgoo Turbocharger, and ISTMALL SDVX controller.

Copal RES20D-50-201-1

While it is a common encoder, it has a reputation of being fragile. If you are very gentle, these may last awhile. However, it should still be considered a consumable item that will need replacement after heavy use.

  • Easy to mount
  • Has slight damping (not free-spinning)
  • Commonly available


  • Considered fragile
  • 5V (known to operate at 3.3V)
  • 50 PPR
  • Voltage Output
Option 2

This generic Chinese incremental encoder is popular in home builds. A custom version is used on the Yuancon SDVX and newer IIDX controllers.

Generic Chinese Encoder

This encoder is extremely robust due to the integrated bearing. It is unlikely to ever break. However, it is free-spinning and will need to be dampened for proper play.

  • Extremely robust
  • Commonly available


  • Free-spinning (requires damping)
  • 5V (may not operate at 3.3V)
  • Many PPR options available (100, 200, 300, 360, 400, 500, 600, 1000)
  • Open-drain Output

Can I add turbocharger-like LEDs to my controller?

See this Arduino library: