Dance Pads

Dance games utilize similar construction and sensors, so both Dance Dance Revolution and Pump it Up will be on this page.

This page covers full-sized pads. For smaller “Travel Pads”, see the other sub-page.



Some builds may use arcade sensors, but these are rather pricey for DIY usage. If desired, a number of stores are listed at the links below:

DIY pads typically use cheaper sensors available from Chinese manufacturers, shown below. They are easily available on Aliexpress with the query “arcade dance sensor”. These sensors use JST XH connectors.

Chinese dance sensor
Chinese dance sensor

Plans and Guides

Four Panel

Plans using aluminum extrusions, FSRs, and arcade bars:

Plans using a wood base with sheet metal covers, 3D printed parts, and aliexpress sensors:

Five Panel

Plans using wood and 3D printed frames:

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