Pop’n Music

Pop’n Music is a rhythm game by Konami.



Main gameplay buttons: 100mm Circular Dome Buttons

Some designs may feature extra menu buttons: 33x33mm Square Buttons

Switch and Spring Options

Arcade stock options are 100g switch / 200g spring, though some players may find 100g switch / 100g spring more comfortable.

Code Repos

Arduino (Atmega 32U4)

CrazyRedMachine: https://github.com/CrazyRedMachine/UltimatePopnController

This codebase also supports Arduino Due.

Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040)

Modification of this repo is required to support 9 buttons and to change the pin assignments.

SpeedyPotato: https://github.com/speedypotato/Pico-Game-Controller/tree/release/pocket-sdvx-pico

Plans and Guides

Full Size

Official panel art recreations and laser-cut case: https://github.com/CrazyRedMachine/PopnPanel


Pico Popn, a minicon design using 3D printed parts and a custom PCB: https://github.com/whowechina/popn_pico

Monitor Info

The monitors on both SD and HD cabs are tilted at a 15 degree angle.