Connector Pinouts

This page lists a few common connector pinouts for different commercial vendors.


General Info

For the purposes of this page:

  • Button pins will be marked as Switch or LED.
    • Switch pins should go to the microswitch on the NO and COM terminals. Order does not matter.
    • LED pins should go to the light terminals. If the button does not light, unplug the LED and plug it in the opposite direction.
  • Encoder pins will be marked as Data.
    • If the knob / turntable spins the opposite direction as intended and software reversing is not possible, swap the Data pins.
  • All connectors are JST XH, unless otherwise noted.

Gamo2 / arcin

Phoenixwan+ and Faucetwo

Button Pins

Encoder Pins

Both 3 pin and 4 pin encoders are supported.

4 Pin

3 Pin


Both ARGB (WS2812b) and standard RGB (common-anode) have headers.



USB and Power


Older Controllers

Button Pins

Encoder Pins

Gamo2 has several types of boards. Ensure you are referencing the correct image.

IIDX (FPS / FP7 from 2014 on) / arcin (v1.1.1)

Analog mode is only possible with an arcin board.

Yuancon / Roxy

Button Pins

Encoder Pins

  • Analog mode is only possible with a Roxy board.
  • Yuancon only supplies 5V. Roxy supplies 3.3V by default, with an optional solder jumper for 5V.

RGB Pins

These RGB ports only support common-anode LEDs.